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  • Now this is not always the case. I have witnessed Computers & Internet
  • While the sport of hockey has advanced Custom Composite Ice Hockey Stick greatly in the last 20 years with new equipment technologies, training procedures, coaching, recovery methods and attention to small details I find it fascinating that out of our rich traditions we still choose to keep some parts of hockey the same...when it really should change.
    Take for example the hockey warm-up. Comparatively to other sports we are in the dark ages. While other sports are applying science and common sense to preparing for a physical event we in the hockey community laugh in their faces, skate around willy-nilly, sit and listen to a coaches lecture and then stand around like statues before the game is played. If this strategy of physical preparation was used in other sports like sprinting, bobsled or skiing (to name a few sports) a great many athlet...  ...  more
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Now this is not always the case. I have witnessed

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