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  • The performance of these breaks is drastically Regional
  • One of the most important matters that lightweight bicycles you should consider is the type of suspension the cycle has. The main varieties are Hardtail Suspension and Full Suspension. This is an important option, as it will impact the types of terrain you can cover, as well as the overall handling. What's the difference? Hardtail Suspension only includes front-wheel suspension. Meanwhile, Full-Suspension includes suspension for both the front and rear tires.
    As a general rule of thumb, you should opt for Full Suspension when selecting from various mountain bikes. Generally, you'll experience superior performance and comfort with this option. The drawbacks are that you'll lose some effectiveness and the suspension will add some additional weight to your cycle. So remember that Full Suspension usually provides the best option.
    Does that mean that Hardtail Suspension is never a pract...  ...  more
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The performance of these breaks is drastically

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