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  • The kind of tyres you use on your bike Religion & Beliefs
  • The kind of tyres you use on your bike is Carbon fiber mountain bike rims determined by what you are using your bike for. Getting the right tyres is really important for safety and performance. Mountain bike tyres are basically different to road bike tyres but there is still a vast range of tyres to choose from for a mountain bike.
    Mountain bikes can be used for a number of different terrains and disciplines that require different skill sets as much as different tyres. Get the right tyres and they will improve your riding and increase your safety.
    Tyres either come with a standard inner tube to keep them inflated or they are tubeless, so the question to answer is which one do you go for?
    Most tubeless tyres now use Michelin and Mavic's UST (Universal System Tubeless) with a thick side-walled tyre that locks into a specific sealed-bed UST rim. These tyres can take a be...  ...  more
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The kind of tyres you use on your bike

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