cheap 2K16 MT points will just focus on what I like the most

  • Gameplay: The gameplay cheap 2K16 MT points this year definitely looks like a step in the right direction. One of the big issues I had with madden 15 was the defensive warping. The defenders seemed as if they are 100 times smarter, faster and more agile. On top of that all defenders will play the ball very aggressively, abandon their coverage and go after the ball, while at the same time the offensive players will just continue running their routes without paying attention to the swarming defenders. Well this year so far I have noticed that the interactions between offensive and defensive players are a lot better.

    CFM: CFM has seen quite a few changes from last year. I don't have time to touch on all of them and will just focus on what I like the most. I like the new scouting engine. Unlocking only the 3 best grades as well as the true talent level of the player combined with grades from a scouting combine bring a great deal of realism to the entire scouting process and quite frankly I find it very enjoyable. The menus seems a lot easier to navigate now and the new player cards look very intuitive.

    But we're just two weeks after launch and the word has gotten out that Star Wars: Battlefront isn't a particularly great game. Now sitting at a 72 Metascore and abysmal user reviews on Amazon and Metacritic, the majority of discussion about the game on the internet is negative-leaning. Complaints range from a severe lack of content, to low skill cap, bad spawns, poor aerial vehicle design, and balance issues.