Stamford Bridge let Falcao very desirable

  • Colombian striker most wanted in fact only two clubs - Real Madrid and Chelsea, the Bernabeu is his favorite football temple for a long time, but in fifa coin previous years was not directly due Language Atletico switched feud city, Stamford Bridge let Falcao very desirable, In particular, he had accepted Abramovich Cobham invited to visit the base, he Interested in Chelsea's growing. Monaco certainly know Falcao idea, and indeed ready to give it to him, but Monaco did not want to sell Falcao Real Madrid, because doing so will undoubtedly undermine the relationship between Monaco and Atletico Madrid, Spain have always been rumors printing, Monaco After signing Falcao Atletico had guaranteed, even if the future sale of Falcao would never sell him to Real Madrid. Abramovich really expected to beat and get Florentino Falcao? On the 'Mirror' and 'le10sport' brought the news to see, the buy fifa coins answer is fairly certain that the two media have pointed out, Abramovich and Monaco boss  ShenDu, two has recently had a meet, talk about the focus that Falcao's transfer.