the leaked SDK for the Xbox One offered some details

  • significantly more sales than during the last console cycle.Liam Callahan, an analyst for the NPD Group, is quoted by as saying that With the growth in install bases across eighth generation consoles, software this December versus last December grew by 70 percent with each console posting strong double digit growth. Across 2014, eighth generation console software sales rose by $1.7 billion. In January, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will probably continue to rule the charts as the community gets access to the new Havoc downloadable content, which adds four maps and the Exo Zombies mode.The shooter will probably only be challenged when bigger titles start arriving during March. A Gamer’s Week: January 11 . This fut coins  week, the review department of Softpedia Games is delivering long-form evaluations for: Club Manager 2015, Joe Dever 's Lone Wolf HD, Metrocide, Schrodinger 's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark, the Waterborne expansion for Tropico 5, and Geometry Dash.We also continue to talk about the major video games that will be launched during the next 12 months in our Incoming 2015 series of articles.Our Editorials are also present and they talk about Charlie Hebdo and the impact it has on video games and the way 2014 showed how the industry can evolve.The Gamer Diaries offer more details about the titles we are currently playing and their more interesting aspects.The Weekend Reading piece explains how my fear of puzzles is not allowing me to play The Talos Principle, and we also have an EndWeekGame article that details how I spend my free time.As always, we also deliver a rundown of the most important pieces of news from the first full week of 2015.From Monday to Saturday, here's what stood outOn Monday, the leaked SDK for the Xbox One offered some details on how a seventh CPU core might be used, and Rockstar said that no delay was planned for the PC version of GTA V.At the same time, Valve was discovered to have removed more than 300 titles from Steam over the year, and a new Project Cars video showed racing in heavy rain.On Tuesday, the PlayStation 4 reached 18.5 million in sales and the Xbox One announced that it was soon getting a Sling TV dedicated app, just as the company also dropped the Blinx trademark and Monument Valley talked about piracy and its impact.On Wednesday, the launch date for the Dead Kings content for Assassin 's Creed Unity was announced, and more details were offered on Uncharted 4.On the same day, a new Deals with Gold was provided and a university started offering League of Legends scholarships.On Thursday, The Witcher 3 received system requirements for the PC, and we heard the first piece of information on The International, the major tournament for DOTA 2 which will take place in 2015.We also found out about the Nazi Army Trilogy for Sniper Elite, that is coming to Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, and about a potential Mafia III announcement.