Sporty edge Corum breitling Super Avenger II

  • This year marks a series of milestones for breitling navitimer replica, beginning with the 55th anniversary of its creation. Entrepreneur and watchmaker Rene Bannwart founded Corum in 1955 and from the beginning the brand demonstrated a knack for creative timepieces that continues today.

    The earliest incarnation of Corum's famousbreitling Transocean replica, launched in 1958 and the first interpretation of the Admiral's Cup, was unveiled two years later. Those lines evolved and secured Corum's reputation as daring.However, Corum's recent successes can be attributed to the late Severin Wunderman, who took over as owner and president 10 years ago and revitalised the company.

    Since then, the company has transformed itself into a brand with a reputation for horological finesse and a creative force to be reckoned with. The 21st century Corumhas four collections that are the pillars of its breitling navitimer replica's Cup, Romvlvs, CorumBridge and Artisans. Two of those collections celebrate milestones this year. The Admiral's Cup is the most successful Corum line and it celebrates 50 years this year. It's the watchmaker's sporty reference and is distinguished by its 12-sided case, a dial set with 12 nautical pennants and the Admiral's Cup trophy engraved on each case back.

    To mark its 50th anniversary, Corum adds a diving watch to the series, with the Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48. The 48mm case is made from titanium and has a unidirectional rotating bezel. The watch is water resistant to a depth of 1,000 metres, has a small seconds counter at nine o'clock and it has a Superluminova coating on the index and hands so the watch face is legible in the depths of the sea. The watch is also fitted with a decompression valve.The watch is fitted with an automatic winding mechanical movement with hours, small seconds, and day and date functions. It comes with a black vulcanised rubber strap. It is limited to 500 pieces. A black PVD model is limited to 255 pieces.

    The Golden Bridge line celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The line is Corum's flagship complication watch with a patented baguette movement. But it is most recognisable for its avant-garde aesthetics that place the movement in the centre of a transparent case and make it the defining feature of the line.

    Last year, Corum added its second in-house calibre to its watches by adding its new CO 007 to the Golden Bridge collection. The movement is characterised by a set of two titanium cross bars. Now, two years in the making, the brand adds another new calibre to its catalogue and marks its significance by fitting it in its anniversary Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch. The CO213 calibre has 182 components housed on a tiny baguette measuring just 33mm by 3mm. The movement's tourbillon escapement sits in a cage measuring just 8.5mm. The escapement is made from silicium. The movement clocks up a few firsts: for being the first baguette movement with a tourbillon escapement, and for being housed in the smallest cage. The plate and bridges are in gold and hand-engraved with patterns of tree ferns. The movement sits in the familiar Golden Bridge case. The watch is limited to 33 pieces.

    Also new is the Ti-Bridge Tourbillon. This year's model has a CO 022 movement with flying tourbillon void of an upper bridge. This allows the escapement to "float" over the baguette movement. The plate and bridges are crafted from a copper and nickel alloy called Arcap. The watch has a tonneau-shaped case made from titanium and is limited to 99 pieces. A titanium with black PVD coating version is limited to 66 pieces.