Breitling Chronomat Watch Hands-On

  • Back at Baselworld last month I was really excited about seeing one particular timepiece - the hublot replica. When I first learned about the watch sometime ago, I wrote about the Chronomat here, exclaiming that it was the watch that helped me pay attention to the new British brand. The attractive 500 meter water resistant dive watch with a vintage inspired design based on an old seaplane looked like a must have - but I needed to see it in the flesh.

    As I walked in the room to meet with Replica Watches Australia Offer Big Discount. I felt as though I basically mumbled hello with my eye looking past the people, and stamped right over to the table with the Chronomat watches. It had been long enough and I wanted to get my hands on the watches. What I really liked about the watches was the style, tech specs, and the combination of simplicity with enough decoration not to be boring. This is truly a competent daily wear - still a rarity for me to find in the sea of available watches these days.

    Breitling did a good job with look of the piece in person. I had a few minor thoughts for the design to share with Breitling, but overall it is a great looking dive watch. Size is 42-43mm wide - the standard size of medium watches these days. As you can see, it wears nicely and doesn't look too small or too large. The steel case has a neat PVD ring around it that adds to the Breitling character (part of their Trip-Tic durable case construction branding), and really helps the piece stand out from other dive watches. Clearly having a multi piece case by having the pieces contrast can result in a good look. There is an interesting long and tapered single piece crown guard that is also attached to the case near the crown that is mounted on the upper left side of the case. Another look that Breitling hopes will distinguish the Chronomat. Note the little propeller design engraved into the crown.

    I quite like the design of the lugs that feel as though they match pieces from the famous seaplane. Even if they don't, the look of the lugs (especially when viewed from the side) is impressive and again, different. Once more, as the entire case sandwiches the PVD black, horizontal line engraved mid section, the design is imbued with an added technical feel that is more than welcome. Wearing the watch feels more than other timepieces, like a machine on your wrist.

    The rotating diver's bezel is capped with a sapphire crystal ring that adds visual interest as well as scratch resistance. I've always liked that look on watch collection since I first saw it on one of the Blancpain 50 Fathoms watches (which in a way I consider a design influence to this BremoThe rear of the watch has an engraving of the Seaplane (looking straight at it) that the watch line was based on. Admittedly, although it is engraved well, it is not the best design. You need to stare at it too long to figure out that it is a plane, and the schematic-like illustration looks odd head-on. In addition to the case being 500 meters water resistant, it is also anti-magnetic and shock resistant, going along with the Breitling family of core durability values applied to its watches meant for activity. Breitling watches make you feel pretty confident that they can stand up to a lot. Having watches like the Martin Baker series in their collection sure helps with that.