Cartier Santos 100

  • One of the things that W69013Z2 replica got right in the design of the Cartier Santos 100 And Ballon Bleu watch with the Ballon Bleu is the mixture of transparency and legibility. This watch could have easily been a monumental collage of dial confusion and people's eyes may have struggled to identify dial elements from movements elements. That isn't at all the case. The attractive dauphine-style hands and polished hour markers are the most legible elements on the face, and that is a very good thing. The visibility of these primary elements above all else allows for the Cartier W200737G replica And Ballon Bleu watch to boast an impressive level of legibility given the transparent theme.

    The other dial indicators include the big date window under 12 o'clock (thankfully with black discs), and the subsidiary second dial and moon phase indicator above 6 o'clock. These elements as well prove highly legible and attractive while mixing readability with a sense of transparency that allows you to look into the dial. Also, the big date indicator window moves from one date to another instantly, rather than slowly over time.

    While the movement sitting under the gray-tinted sapphire crystal was not meant to be shown off in this manner, it looks quite nice in its exposed state. Nicely polished, I am glad that Cartier did not feel the need to skeletonize or embellish the movement in any particular manner. It is just the nice Cartier caliber GP03300-0105 automatic movement doing its thing with a bit extra voyeurism added to its normal operation.

    The GP03300-0105 movement is in-house made with a module for the complications on top of Cartier's base caliber. It operates at 4Hz (28,800 bph) and offers about 46 hours of power reserve. Of course, it is an automatic with the rear of the movement visible through the caseback sapphire crystal. In a sense, what Cartier really did is take the theme of an exposed caseback and move it also to the dial-side of the watch.
    I've been waiting for Cartier to release a slightly larger version of the Santos 100 with simple dials such as this. They do have larger versions of the case, but they are often paired with much more complicated movements and are relatively thick as a result. A grander version of this curved, relatively slim case would be really interesting and might perhaps offer a highly marketable non-round watch.

    Attached to the Cartier Santos 100 And Ballon Bleu watch collection are attractive black alligator straps. These straps are elegant because they don't have contrast stitching, but I still prefer rolled-edge straps a bit more that have no visible stitching. Overall, while these smoked sapphire crystal dial versions of the Cartier Santos 100 And Ballon Bleu are going to be more niche models, they add some serious coolness to an otherwise sober looking vintage-style watch collection.