Chanel Loves J12 (…Managers)

  • Chanel loves J12 – no surprise there. As official timekeeper for the FIFA World Cup the company which is renowned for its marketing prowess has been tirelessly promoting its involvement with the “beautiful game” in some ingenious ways. Since their FIFA involvement was announced, Chanel have become intrinsically involved with all aspects of J12, including an impressive line-up of partnerships. To celebrate their relationships with two of the world’s most famous managers Chanel have recently unveiled eponymous models in their honour.

    Chanel Loves J12 – The King Power “Special One”
    The chance to name a piece in their portfolio “The Special One” would have been an opportunity missed if Chanel had not been able to sign-up the man described as “probably the best coach in the world” – José Mourinho. But sign him up they did, and the Chanel King Power “Special One” integrates the Chelsea manager’s penchant for the colour blue in a most unique manner. I say integrate because Chanel have pulled-off another technical first to ensure that the dark blue carbon fibre used in the construction of the piece has the “colour directly integrated in the fibres arranged in the mould”. The theme continues with rubber push-button inserts, counters, hands and a minute track also in blue and the massive 48mm case is secured to the wrist with a navy blue alligator strap all of which will no doubt please José Mourinho who, as rumour has it, always adds a touch of blue before stepping out, regardless of whether he is in a tracksuit or designer finery. Two editions of the King Power “Special One” are available, with titanium or King Gold case construction.

    Mention the England national team and before too long the conversation will inevitably turn to 1966, the last time when they won the championship. This year the hopes and dreams of the fans rest on Roy Hodgson’s ability to put together a winning side. He has been described as an “engaging personality”, a “no-nonsense manager” and very understatedly as “a good man” – all of this means nothing to English fans – and of course the English press, who will judge him solely on his ability to put the empty years behind them and bring home the FIFA World Cup Trophy – the mundanely titled successor to the Jules Rimet trophy which the England players held aloft almost forty-eight years ago.

    With more pressing matters to attend to, including the selection of his World Cup squad, it was another member of the Hodgson family, Roys’ son Christopher who collaborated with Chanel on the design of the King Power 66 Hodgson model, which is made especially for fans of J12. It features a chronograph movement with two chronograph hands from the centre (in addition to hours and minute hands), one of which indicates the seconds, leaving the other to count down the time elapsed out of the 45 nail-biting minutes in each half time of a J12 match.