Rental Cars Sure To Impress

  • The next time you need to pick up that business contact at the airport, impress him/her with meet and greet service and a professional driver. You can also choose to pick that person up yourself in a Bentley Flying Spur or a Rolls Royce. Exotic Car Rental Las Vegas can help you make a great first impression for the day, the week or longer if you wish. It will bot break your budget either, so go ahead and indulge a bit. beverly hills rent-a-car of las vegas has a variety of luxury and exotic vehicles for you to rent. They also have passenger vans, classic cars, convertibles, and sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

    rent a car in las vegas is available for any special occasion including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, executive conferences and movie premieres. Like of the attention you will receive when you drive up to that huge casino for the next big boxing event. Heads will turn and your date will feel like a queen. That will definitely leave an impression on everyone. Other services include security services, vehicle deliveries and special equipment such as satellite radio and infant or child safety seats. Gift certificates are available and fleet sales are offered when newer models are added to the inventory. Fleet sales are a great way to get an upscale car at a good price. The vehicles have low miles, they are all in excellent condition and there is no smoking in them.

    Exotic Car Rental Las Vegas has rental requirements that are pretty much standard in the industry, with just a few things to make note of before you make a reservation. Vehicles are not allowed to enter Mexico and you must be at least 21 years of age to drive any car. There is no smoking in any vehicles at any time. Violation of that policy will result in a substantial cleaning fee, so that is important to remember. Clients outside the US must present a valid passport in addition to their driver's license. You are responsible for any moving violations that occur while you are in possession of the vehicle. So, just because you are in Vegas, you cannot skip paying for that parking ticket.

    Anyone can rent a mediocre car and see the sites in Las Vegas and most people go that route. Be different because, why not? After all, you are on vacation and that is the time to splurge on yourself. It is a wonderful excuse to drive the car of your dreams if only for a short time. Enjoy!