The Best Places To Go For The Golf Holiday

  • Many people like all inclusive vacation holidays, because they enjoy that their food and drinks are already paid for once they are at their hotels. There are many great destinations to choose from when planning this type of holiday. Spain has been long been a much loved destination for golfers for a variety of reasons. First, the warm climate in Spain makes it an outstanding place for year round golfing. There are many great golfing spots in Spain and Almeria is one of the best. Almeria is located along the stunning Mediterranean Sea in Southeast Spain.

    With a semi-desert climate and rainfall that rarely exceeds 150mm a year, golfers enjoy knowing that it is not likely that there will be much if any rain during their all inclusive golf holidays in Almeria. Pulpi is a municipality in Almeria and is home to Aguilon golf course. The Aguilon Mountains are a remarkable backdrop for this eighteen hole golf course. While it is a challenging course, it is suitable for golfers with levels of experience.

    Another favorite spot for an All Inclusive Golf holiday is Portugal. Having over thirty golf courses is one of the reasons why Algarve, Portugal is one of the most popular areas in the country for people seeking all inclusive golf breaks. Algarve is located on the southern tip of the mainland in Portugal and is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the country. The mild Algarve winters allow for for a long golfing season that starts in late autumn and last into late spring. Only being a two or three hour flight from many major European cities, increases the desirability of Algarve for those seeking a golf holiday. Golfers have their pick of many courses here, but Palmares Golf Course is among the favorite courses in Algarve. It has a total of twenty-seven hole that are separated into three loops with each loop containing nine holes.

    Destinations such as Spain and Portugal have been visited by golfers for a long time. However, in the past several years, Turkey has become a prominent destination for golfers. Particularly, Belek, Turkey has become a sought after golf destination. Besides the amazing fourteen golf courses, golfers and tourist enjoy the white sand beaches here. Travelers can easily get to Belek since it is less than an hour from Antalya which is a large city along the Mediterranean coast. Turkey's popularity as a hot spot for golfers only increased in 2013 when for the first time, as part of the European Tour International Schedule, the Turkish Open happened in Belek.