How's a Facelift Method Performed

  • If you are tired of looking older than you are, because of sagging skin and wrinkles, you are certainly not alone. Many people these days are worried about their appearance. Unfortunately, the aging process can cause your skin to begin to sag and wrinkle, making you look much older. Though there is no fountain of youth, there is a solution for your unhappiness with your appearance. Through Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc, you can have a facelift procedure carried out. Unlike in days past, these procedures are now much safer and less invasive. They give you a more natural look and tightens and tones your wrinkles and sagging skin. This can take years off your appearance and give you back your confidence.

    Before your surgery can be scheduled, you will meet plastic surgery doctor. It is important you are fully examined and your health history is taken. This will help the surgeon to determine whether or not a facelift procedure will be safe and beneficial for you. He will schedule your procedure and give you information on your pre-op instructions. It is imperative you follow these instructions, so your facelift procedure can be carried out safely.

    To perform your procedure, incisions will be made at your hairline and around the front of your ears, in the folds of the skin. Placing the incisions in these areas will allow you to heal without any visible scars. Once the incisions have been made, the surgeon will pull the skin taught and then remove any excess skin. The pulled skin is then sutured into its new position. A facelift procedure can remove your wrinkles and tighten your skin, so it no longer sags.

    Many people are amazed at how much younger they look after they have had their facelift carried out. It is important to note, you will experience bruising, swelling and soreness after your procedure. These are all normal. Your surgeon will give you after care instructions, to help you relieve the pain, swelling and brusing as you heal. The healing process will take a few weeks. You may not notice any major changes to your face, until healing has fully taken place.

    If you are not happy with your appearance, because your skin is sagging and wrinkled, there is help. Through Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc, your face can be rejuvenated and made to look much younger. For more information on this procedure, visit David Halpern MD.