Tips for Establishing a Raised Garden Bed

  • There are many benefits to raised garden beds. These benefits include dealing with fewer weeds, not having to worry about soil compaction and having a barrier against many types of garden pests. If you are considering starting a garden at your home, yet have never broken ground, you may want to consider starting raised beds. This information will assist you in knowing how to plan for your beds, so you can be successful in growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

    There are many types of beds you can choose from when you want to raised garden bed designs. The type of bed you choose will depend on the look you want and the area you live in. Many people choose cedar beds, because they are so sturdy and give a beautiful look to any garden. You can also choose recycled plastic beds. Raised beds are available in a variety of different woods. You can also choose the option of adding a green house application over your raised beds, for better moisture control.

    First, you will need to consider where you want your raised beds to be located. It is best to remove the grass from these areas and place down a layer of plastic or sand, so you will have weed control. If you purchase your raised garden beds online, these will contain slats that provide for drainage. Often, these also contain a soft material that is airy, to ensure for proper drainage.

    Once you have your beds in their proper positions, you will need to choose your soil. It is best to choose a garden soil that contains fertilizer already mixed in. This will make it easier, so you do not have to mix several types of soil and prepare them for your beds.

    When your beds are fully installed and full of soil, you can began to plant your seedlings or seeds. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, lettuce and beans all grow well in this type of arrangement. If you want your garden to take off quickly, you may want to consider putting in seedlings, so you will not have to wait so long before harvest.

    With raised beds, you will not have to worry about stooping down low to the ground to pick your vegetables. You will also have to deal with much less weeds, so your job of garden care will be easier. If you are planning your garden, visit raised garden beds.