A Starter's Guide to Creating a Custom Closet

  • Do you find yourself scrounging to find that suit for work? Or looking for that tie that goes so nicely with your attire? Many people find that the main problem in their home is the closet space. It seems to never be enough space to store the things that you need on the daily basis including your clothes, shoes, and accessories. As a result, many will resort to storage options that can be very cumbersome and time consuming to go through. Rather than waste your time and money on totes and other means of storage, you could consult with professionals such as closet hardware to create the closet of your dreams.

    Determine Your Needs

    The first order of business is to determine what your closet needs are. Are you looking for more space to hang your clothing? Do you not have enough space to store your shoes? Or are you looking just to declutter and organize in a more functional closet space? All of these factors will be important as you begin working with experts on creating the closet of your dreams. You should also consider jotting down a budget, as closet designs can range in price, you want to make sure that the designers are creating a closet that you can enjoy as well as afford.

    Choosing an Ideal Layout

    Next, you should begin looking for Closets in Miami that have layouts you’d prefer. Having a basic vision of what you want can help the designers get much closer to creating the custom space you will love. You can browse photos of closets online, and make a list of ideas that interest you most. If you have no real idea of what you’d like, you can always consult with the designers for ideas and suggestions they might have based on your organizational needs.

    Add the Bells and Whistles

    Once you’ve gotten the basics of your closet layout, you should begin thinking about the additional features you’d like to add to make it your own. Some ideas of what you might include could be closet lighting, various types of closet doors, fancy door handles, and various finishes to complete the look.

    Once you have all of this completed, you bring your ideas, budget, and needs to top quality designers. They will use this information to create custom armadi closets that you can be proud of. For suggestions, prices, or ideas on the design for your next closet, be sure to visit armadi closets.