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    Realistically the limitations are only our lack of imagination in utilizing these amazing Modified Shipping Container Home building blocks for safer, environmentally friendlier, more economical shipping container housing. They have been approved as housing structures and additions in various authorities around the world and any change takes some effort to bring about.
    For those who can catch the vision, here is an opportunity waiting to be explored further.
    An estimated 4 million foreign migrant workers have flocked to Thailand in search of higher wages, often in the kind of low-paid, physically demanding and sometimes dangerous industries that comparatively wealthy Thais now have little appetite for.
    The vast majority of these workers, many undocumented, hail from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, and the work in the construction, agriculture, fishing and manufacturing industries. "Migrant workers are now working in areas where Thais no longer wish to work," said Jeff Labovitz, Head of Mission in Thailand for the Int...  ...  more
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    Whether you are an avid cycler or a seasoned mountain biker, the GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is the bike Carbon MTB Bicycle wheels to have. It is an ideal choice for both rough city riding and trail riding. Its 26-inch full-suspension alumin...  more
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    Relocating and shifting is the tedious job, it is usually because there are lots and a lot of goods and the log set of to do things. From terminating providing at the old home to joining new contacts in the new spot, moving comes with a large set of pair of responsibilities. Plus lower your duties an individual have packers and movers to cope with all the issues involved in your current moving and shifting.
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    Chelsea club official announced that the team and the young midfielder Ruben Ira Loftus-Cheek extend contract, the new contract until 2021.
    The 20-year-old Cheek in December 2014 against sporting Lisbon in the Champions League debut stage fifa 16 coins , ...  more
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    There's a new trend going in the Carbon mountain bike rims world, mountain bikes with larger 29" wheels instead of the standard 26" wheels. A lot of big brands are coming out with more and more 29" model in their range. But what differences do they offer to 26" MTBs?
    A 29" MTB tyre ends up having a longer contact patch with the ground due to its larger radius. This means more rubber and knobs gripping the ground. In situations where grip is an issue these wheels offer a big advantage. On the flip side, a tyre with less tread can be used to get the same grip as a 26er, and get less rolling resistance.
    Bumps...  more
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    The humanitarian aid workers provide emergency response programs in assigned geographical areas that are prone to war, natural disasters or other environmental hazards or developmental issues. They typically work in front line prior conditions, promoting ...  more
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    More pics and info in the extended.This small Container Houses in San Telmo neighborhood, Buenos Aiers, is owned by textile designer Rosa Skific, who has both her home and studio in there.
    One of the pain points of growing some of your own food is the skill of knowing when and how much to water, so that the plants have access to enough soil moisture for optimal growth, and aren't having to constantly deal with going back and forth from being drowned to being dried out.
    Another is the time it takes to check the soil moisture and to water the growing beds, and between the two, it's enough to make some beginning gardeners hang up the hose and shovel.
    To make it easier, and less time-consuming, some gardeners choose to use wicking beds and self-watering containers, which not only use less water while still providing the appropriate amount of moisture in the soil, but which can also enable the plants to grow virtually unattended (at least as far as watering is concerned)....  more
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    In this tutorial, we learn how to resize thumbnails in Windows XP. First, close all the windows on your computer, then go to your start menu. Next, type in "regedit" under "run" and then click "enter". Penalty Shoot Out LeagueTopping this league are Germany with 3 shoot outs, winning them all. Argentina are second. They have won 3 and lost 1. Role in the FieldMessi began his football career as a left winger but afterwards he was moved onto the right wing by his former Barcelona Coach Frank Rijkaard who noticed that from this position, he could cut through the defence into the mid field more easily to score goals. Messi is a versatile player and can play anywhere along the front line, he is comfortable attacking on either wing or through the centre of the field. Messi, is known as an incredible goalscorer, his skill, dribbling, speed, balance, positioning, and quick reactions is extraordinary..
    Good morning. Welcome to G...  ...  more