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  • Realistically the limitations are only our lack of imagination in utilizing these amazing Modified Shipping Container Home building blocks for safer, environmentally friendlier, more economical shipping container housing. They have been approved as housing structures and additions in various authorities around the world and any change takes some effort to bring about.
    For those who can catch the vision, here is an opportunity waiting to be explored further.
    An estimated 4 million foreign migrant workers have flocked to Thailand in search of higher wages, often in the kind of low-paid, physically demanding and sometimes dangerous industries that comparatively wealthy Thais now have little appetite for.
    The vast majority of these workers, many undocumented, hail from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, and the work in the construction, agriculture, fishing and manufacturing industries. "Migrant workers are now working in areas where Thais no longer wish to work," said Jeff Labovitz, Head of Mission in Thailand for the Int...  ...  more
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Shipping container architecture

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