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  • More pics and info in the extended.This small Container Houses in San Telmo neighborhood, Buenos Aiers, is owned by textile designer Rosa Skific, who has both her home and studio in there.
    One of the pain points of growing some of your own food is the skill of knowing when and how much to water, so that the plants have access to enough soil moisture for optimal growth, and aren't having to constantly deal with going back and forth from being drowned to being dried out.
    Another is the time it takes to check the soil moisture and to water the growing beds, and between the two, it's enough to make some beginning gardeners hang up the hose and shovel.
    To make it easier, and less time-consuming, some gardeners choose to use wicking beds and self-watering containers, which not only use less water while still providing the appropriate amount of moisture in the soil, but which can also enable the plants to grow virtually unattended (at least as far as watering is concerned)....  more
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Hzxiaoya a high specificity of Prefab House design

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