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  • Whichever percentage you end up using—and I recommend that you be sensibly cautious and choose the lower of the two—be sure to subtract overhead and utility costs from the fraction of your income earmarked for your Modular Home. Fortunately, insurance rates will be comparatively low for a Sun Cottage because of its fireproof construction, and our earth-tempered, passive solar design should require next to no space heating. There will be energy expenses for lighting, cooking, and so on, though, and you'll also have property taxes to pay. (One good guideline to help you judge what monthly payment you might be comfortable with is to evaluate how easy or hard it is for you to meet your present rent or mortgage.)
    Interest rates are—as of this writing—about 10 3/4% for government programs and 11 3/4 to 12% for commercial loans. I've included a 30-year mortgage table at the end of this article to show you how a few monthly payment amounts compare to the sum borrowed.
    Since today's inflationary monetary policy means int...  ...  more
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The price of having your own Sentry Box from Hzxiaoya

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