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  • Potential lenders also must have confidence in your Container Houses. You can make a compelling case for a straw bale home project by bringing the lender a good set of professionally drawn building plans and a realistic budget and timeline. Ensure your budget contains guaranteed quotes for materials and services you’ll require. If you are a first-time builder, you may need to hire professional consultants to prove to the bank that good help is available should problems arise. If you are hiring a general contractor to build your home, he or she will have to fill out paperwork for the bank, too. Hiring someone with a good local reputation will help.
    In the deep woods on the south side of little Olson Lake some 30 miles inland of Lake Superior (as the crow flies), Bill hammered another piece of metal roofing near the 20-foot peak of his little log cabin. The head of orthopedics at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque had called to say the X-rays showed that he had broken the titanium rod that held his left leg together. ...  ...  more
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A straw bale home project

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