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  • "The initial Knitting Stretchy Fabric performance was gentle, but that kind of massive derision and vitriol it was met with speaks to how deep and powerful the expectation of how someone who presents as a woman should behave and what they should do and what is normal and acceptable," says Jenkins, who draws a distinction between her work as an artist and a craftivist, but both deal with feminism and women's issues.
    Jenkins came to craftivism through her activism and has been plenty busy with it, starting the Craft Cartel, Trash Bag Rehab and Knit Your Revolt, which started before the last election knitting massive banners primarily "to draw attention to Abbott's misogyny" and has since "became a lot bigger than me and is now a network of craft activists".
    Melbourne-based public artist and craftivist Sayraphim Lothian has done a masters in the topic, wrote a chapter on the history of craftivism for Betsy Greer's 2014 book Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism, and practises "guerilla kindness" in her own work...  ...  more
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The initial Knitting Stretchy Fabric performance

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