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  • After playing 16 seasons with the Green Bay Marques Colston Elite Jersey Packers and then being faced with riding the bench in favor of a lesser light (backup "rookie" quarterback Aaron Rogers), Brett Favre chose to do what he does best, act like a winner about to win again.
    Favre (pronounced Farve) forced Green Bay to trade him, and he ended up as a New York Jet. Favre was "family" in Green Bay, a small metro-market town compared to the glare and lights of the Big Apple. In New York, Favre will be roasted, toasted and filleted by the media pundits and fans, who are not patient and not happy most of the time.
    As a Green Bay Packer stockholder, I did not agree with the management decision to let Favre go. I understand that Favre will not play at his normal level forever, and that Aaron Rogers has spent 4 years as Favre's backup (I ho...  ...  more
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You may not know that Favre's No. 4

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