this is absolutely worth Fifa 17 Coins PS4

  • Before the players certainly Fifa 17 Coins XBOX One have a strong team in the 15's in this for UT mode or need from "zero" to re-start a little bit, which is before the set is the same. UT mode and the overall interface make little difference, very good use. UT mode has been connected to the network need to believe in it most of the players are aware of this, and before this for almost networking, network with friends sometimes wartime situation will Caton, but dropped the case dropped generally does not occur see. In the manager mode is also somewhat different with the first few, this for the manager mode, players can increase the training courses to make their favorite players stronger purpose for his players in the timeline. Courses are divided into time shooting, passing, offensive and other aspects, the players can follow their favorite players to serve their own tailored training program, courses are challenging game modes to achieve a higher score player The value will be a corresponding increase.

    To sum up: This made on the basis of the previous generation has conducted a sublimation. The picture is more true, lifelike characters, little grasp of detail is in place. Rendering excellent atmosphere, people immersive feel. AI players have no small improvement, thanks to the collision engine upgrade, this for the collision and fell really make a lot better than before. UT mode is still one of the focus of the game, but this year I did not continue to buy luxury version but chose the ordinary version of the game, because this year "FIFA16" Ultimate Edition still like last year's gift card package 40 packages, but for the week to send Get together a package instead. This is still retained the Chinese setting, but still called the team to Hong Kong-style name-based. Borrow one players in the ridicule often say, "If the new Year once the game a perfect game, and how to do after that. " Personally I think this as well done as a "stocking up" game of the mission, to optimize and increase the "fresh blood" in the game had a very good system.

    Overall, this is absolutely worth Fifa 17 Coins PS4 the players to start. In the last small series of articles for the players to offer this as a real machine demo video, the player can enjoy more intuitive to the charm of this location. Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-0, failed to win public praise, the more fans relish, but Costa "do away" Gabriel's disgraceful behavior. And at this moment, Mike Mussina once again demonstrated his sight trick divert public opinion, he ridiculed Wenger holding a good hand, failed to get with a good team. In the Premier League, Wenger, Mourinho has become a nightmare. The two sides clash several times over the years, except at the beginning of the season Community Shield Folio Arsenal win outside Wenger almost every hit Mike Mussina, have only Renzai envy. Last weekend, Arsenal once again defeat at Stamford Bridge, but also two red departure, really throw good money after bad. Costa slapped Koscielny, let Gabriel irrational red. In recent days, the British media at great length, initiate Costa "black art" of condemnation.