Various Standpoints

  • Do not argue with your friends when you know that every learner has the right to defend their viewpoints. Different perspectives emerge in the course of learning that compels students to evaluate or review them. Nevertheless, you are expected to exercise your criticism with a degree of flexibility to accommodate the viewpoints of others. The comments you present to your fellow learners should exhibit your understanding but not a chance to lure them to believing your conviction. A friend who knows that he can make it through college by working with or just lazing around at the beginning semester deserves respect.

    You should have the guts to defend your religious convictions if you come from a community that embraces the existence of a powerful being. Do not discount the contrary beliefs from your classmates just because you feel you have an edge over their moral or religious standpoints. You should know by now that the ability to accommodate perspectives from other people is the means to gaining better knowledge and skills among other revelations that increase your value as a student. Be ready to pursue excellence by acknowledging the various standpoints that emerge in the course of learning or socializing with new people in school.