There’s some pretty unique terminology used in FFXIV

  • With that out of the way, let's get onto the guide.Heavensward has made it easier than ever for new players.With the release of the new Heavensward expansion, it’s never been a better time to pick up and try Final Fantasy XIV. Because accessing the Heavensward content requires you to have completed the entire main story line - a lengthy feat which includes going from level 1 to 50, and then five patches worth of content - some players can be put off.But Square Enix still stand by it; FFXIV Gil just like any Final Fantasy game, FFXIV is a heavily story driven game; you need to know what the hell is going on to really appreciate it.That doesn’t though that the devs aren’t going to give new players a helping hand. For one, every main story quest has had its experience reward doubled, allowing players to easily reach max level and beyond without having to sink time into sidequests and other means.


    There’s also been some high-level equipment added to the rewards, giving you a full set of item level 110 gear by the time you’re done with it all.Additionally, new players will be granted priority access when using the Duty Finder - FFXIV’s version of an instance queue, used for dungeons, raids etc. Some of the main story quests require the completion of these instances, so being able to quickly find a group means less time waiting and more time progressing.And if you have some helpful high-level friends, they can also boost you through the instances with their powerful gear and abilities.The Class/Job system is endlessly enjoyable=Final Fantasy XIV is unique to others when it comes to its class system, and here’s why:Once a player reaches level 10 with their starting class, FF14 Gil they can switch freely between any class in the game. This is done merely by equipping a classes ******.Each class has its own unique leveling progression. This means that if you have a level 30 Lancer, but switch to a Gladiator for the first time, your Gladiator level will start at 1.Once you get a class to level 30, you can raise its designated secondary class to level 15 to unlock a specific Job, which unlocks powerful abilities and traits.


    Pugilists - hand to hand combatants - can level up a Lancer to 15, to which they can then become a Monk. Every class can progress into a Job; Arcanists however can chose between two Jobs. A Job can also borrow certain skills from its secondary class, which can be switched around at any time.The only exception to this is with the brand new Jobs introduced in Heavensward, which require no classes - yet can still borrow skills from its secondary - and start at level 30 once unlocked.Final Fantasy XIV Gil Gone are the days that you require alts to try out other styles of play - this system gives you flexibility to try your hand at everything. You’ll also receive an experience bonus for each class you get to maximum level.What the hell are FATES, Guildhests and Guildleves?There’s some pretty unique terminology used in FFXIV, which may throw off some players. But fear not, I’m going to decipher them, why they’re important, and what they do for you.