Do activity Guardian is yet to come

  • For some active guard prospect has a lot of promises that they are willing to accept a delay after delay in the hope that it will make each game better in the end. Others simply assume that the activity of guard is not coming out.Unfortunately for those who have their feet planted firmly in the former camp, we have bad news, as it relates to the activity guardian. According to the latest to time by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and it seems Sony abandoned its trademark activity to give the brand Guardian.Buy Runescape Gold The comes after Sony introduced three accessories for the newspaper The Guardian last a few points from 20 November 2012 to the present. Apparently Sony or seen the writing on the wall, and decided not to go ahead with the brand. Whether the Office of the United States allows only a certain number of requests for an extension before the brand is 'abandoned'. Has been abandoned, some remember the brand before, but Sony quickly caught back up.That second scenario bodes well for the Guardian last, if only because it may mean that Sony did not give up. Of course, the whole exhibition E3, Tokyo Game, which goes without so much as a peep from the activities of Guardian reminds us how likely release of the game is, but no one came to declare the game yet.There dead ... There is no doubt that harms the time it takes to develop a long position Guardian last among the players RuneScape random, though. Firstly, the game was originally conceived in the PS3 version, RS Gold but it took a lot of time, which now requires conquer the PS4. Although the tumor comes more time.Last heard, though, it was the activity of the Guardian it is still on the way, but in the new conditions. The game can skip the Tokyo Game Show last year, but still making progress in the new agreement with Sony Team Ico. What exactly it may be that the new agreement is unclear, but it seems that the developer and publisher convened and decided that the best way to proceed.Then again, it was a few months ago, and the resignation of the brand is something that can not be They are ignored. Of course, it may be only part of the process mark may be, and Sony may be able to just buy a new brand of The Last Guardian, Runescape Gold but nothing says they have or want to make you think that.Do activity Guardian is yet to come? How do you feel about this completely opt out? NeoGAF final fate RuneScape player solos CROTA on hard difficulty.