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  • The current console generation has a userbase of 22 million in the UK, according to detailed 2008 hardware sales statistics released by UK retailer GAME Group.Using data from GFK Chart-Track that is normally not made public, the data was revealed as part of GAME’s Christmas financial results. Cheap RS Gold Covering all currently active platforms except the PlayStation 2, it found the Nintendo DS and Wii had both the largest installed userbase and highest sales in 2008.The total current-gen home console userbase for the UK is pegged at 10.0 million units, with9 million units of the Wii,2 million for the Xbox 360 and 9 million for the PlayStation The total lifetime-to-date userbase for the Nintendo DS is at 8.8 million units and the PSP at3 million units.In 2008 alone, the Wii sold 9 million units, the Xbox 360 sold million units and the PlayStation 3 sold 0 million units. The Nintendo DS soldmillion units, and the PSP 0 million units.Retail figures for the rest of continental Europe are also usually kept private, but the UK is generally regarded as the strongest market for Microsoft in Europe. Nevertheless, the Xbox 360 creator still claimed recently that it was over 1 million units ahead of the PlayStation 3 in Europe as a whole.
    Redwood City-based studio Crystal Dynamics, the developer behind Eidos' recent Tomb Raider releases, laid off some 30 employees as the company looks to concentrate on the Lara Croft franchise.We have increased the focus on the Tomb Raider franchise at Crystal Dynamics, a company representative told gaming weblog Joystiq. thersgolds Regrettably this has resulted in the reduction in headcount.Presumably, the studio will shift its resources away from games unrelated to Tomb Raider. While Crystal Dynamics' catalog of previous releases includes many licensed and original titles, such as its Legacy of Kain games, the company does not have any announced projects outside of the Tomb Raider series.The layoffs follow a week after Eidos admitted lower-than-expected sales for the developer's latest shipped game, Tomb Raider: Underworld, blaming the current economic downturn and the crowded Christmas schedule.


    Though Eidos says it's pleased with the multiplatform game's performance in key European territories, the title did not perform as well in North America, and global sell-through is currently estimated at only 5 million unitsbelow Eidos’ internal estimates.As a result, Eidos lowered its full fiscal year revenue predictions from £180-£200 million $273-$303 million to £160-£180 million $243-$273 million.Eidos, Old School RS Gold which owns Crystal Dynamics, is currently widely speculated to be the target of buyout bids, and as such has been apparently aiming to maximize its strengths. It recently finalized a change in name SCi, formerly the parent of Eidos, renamed itself entirely to Eidos in a move likely intended to focus on its ownership of the Tomb Raider franchise, which would be its primary asset in an acquisition.