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    News Brief: EA has lifted the lid on EA Play, Runescape Gold a newEvent fromJune held 12-14, just two days before the E3 2016 from 12 to London underway.Kicking The Mermaidon June 12 in Los Angeles and the Nokia Club in June -14 EA runescape games will give participants the opportunity to go hands on the latest EArunescape games, win prizes, and some . nab Exclusive memories The event will also hold a press conference on EA hosts that will be broadcast live at 1:00 PT and 21.00 GMT on June 12, the E3 conference mainstream press probably replace that companies rely on past.After years Buy Runescape Gold with a representative speak EA reports Kotaku that the company refrained are itsE3 - if the company expects to take isstill meet private during the show.