Remorseful for wall regarding text

  • Remorseful for wall regarding text, bad punctuation, grammar and whatever else you will find. it's 3: 25 AM here and also i'm tired. also please ensure your sarcasm and also humor-detector is Blade and Soul gold

    Make them acquire an AFK debuff (not according to literally moving, but according to position and action). debuff are capable of doing the following: acquire no loot. acquire zoned out. or perhaps be killable simply by other players. sure... let me eliminate leechers. please!

    One easy solution then. eliminate faded scales, increase ivory dragon level to tarakhan. ensure it is not trade-able. add extra prize (anything from your loot-table, including stinger-procs, attire, recipes) for your scale user, which usually only the level user can loot right after jinsoyun is deceased. should dramatically increase the heavens mandate circumstance.