This all also means making alts doesn't work too well

  • This all also means making alts doesn't work too well. With many other games, getting your leveling chars geared up isn't too hard, especially if you have a high level main, as they can farm stuff, and send it along to the alts. buy Blade & Soul gold


    Far too many items here though are character bound on pickup, rather than account bound, a change that would make playing alts far more manageable, which is why it was asked, but you guys just said no, as it's supposedly too hard. Many of us doubt that it's all that hard, especially given how you've managed to make various costumes that were character bound, account bound instead already.


    With other games, the real grind in all respects is at the end game, mainly for those that want to focus on one character, here the heavy grind sets in early, crushing the will of people to play, and removing any real desire to make alts if they expect to get out of Moonwater with them.