The Volcano and The Trickster into FIFA game

  • It’s been over 20 years since David Platt graced the cover of fifa 17 ultimate coins International Soccer – the very first FIFA, released for Sega Mega Drive in 1994 – and we’ve been enthralled and amazed by the virtual beautiful game ever since. As the game has gradually improved, and overtaken Pro Evolution Soccer as the top footy sim, people have joined the series in their droves.

    Millions of people around the world play FIFA every day, but we reckon they all fall into 10 pretty distinct categories. Some of these might be your mates, others might be online warriors you’ve fallen foul to over the years. But somewhere along the line, if you’re a long time FIFA player, you’ve come across each of these players somewhere in your virtual football career.

    The Volcano

    Player trait: Violent eruptions
    Usually found: Online, ordering a new controller
    FIFA often brings out the worst in us, and we all react to that in different ways. Whilst some of us have the temperament to laugh off a tough loss before having a cry in the toilet, not everyone has that sort of self-control. FIFA’s best ragers find a way to erupt at everything that happens on the pitch, even when they actually score goals. Typically, goals against them result in broken controllers, as signified by a complete lack of activity from the resulting kick-off. Note: Volcanoes have been known to evolve into Quitters mid fifa 17 ultimate team coins
    match – be aware of this.

    The Trickster

    Player trait: Unbridled smugness
    Usually found: Doing step-overs in their own penalty box
    You’re far more likely to encounter this player online than on the sofa next to you – anyone who displays this level of self-satisfaction should be quickly deflated and ejected from your house. Tricksters think they’re better than you because they’ve mastered the art of the skill move – all 54 of them – and they’re not shy about showing off each and every one of them, on every part of the pitch. A scramble on the fifa 17 coins
    goal-line? Perfect time for a rabona. Through on goal? The trickster won’t just casually beat your keeper, they’ll also fake the tap-in just to make you look doubly inept. They’re the Zlatans of online play, but with no class. BY here online now... come here for more fifa fun!