Be in Touch with People Living in Worlds Similar to Yours!

  • So, what is Similar Worlds? This was among the finest social application that has ever been launched on our planet. This platform has used to allow admission to the possiblility to really express themselves on Experience Project in many ways they never did before and in all probability is not going to ever do! As soon as the previous experience, we realized out mistakes. Possessing a good perception of the e-communication world, we made a decision to come up with a step further and continue the Experience Project vision via the Experience Project Alternative - Experience Project 2! Great news, Similar Worlds will be launching soon, assisting you to acquire a brand-new vision upon a social network platform. We're not just connecting people, we are connecting people who find themselves living in worlds the same as the ones you live in! Our goal was to benefit for the prior experience we had and to rebuild a new, unique platform with important advancements that is going to enable you indulge into talks more actively and specifically with people living in Similar Worlds! Our small, but very skilled team of computer programmers, designers and data managers with strong previous experience of controlling large social network have done wonderful things to improve the old mistakes and make a huge leap further allowing the preferred platform online!

    We've previously been able to gather a tremendous community becoming one of the world's largest social networks, and on the New Experience Project you will have the possibility to benefit from a a lot of additional features offered for free to all members of our community. Among these will probably be worth referring to story and photo reactions, on-line status control (which means that all members will have the ability to totally control their presence - a characteristic formerly available only to VIP members). Member is able to distribute more gallery photos - up to 250 images, which is a tremendous step if when compared to the previous limit of 15 pics per profile. Likewise, individuals the Experience Project could have the chance to learn of enhanced security and privacy, secure HTTPS browsing and improved post formatting. The last one will be especially gratifying! Live the Experience again, publish stories which are telling in regards to you personally, share pics and be in contact the whole world. To learn more about the New Project Experience don't think twice to visit and study our web page. Make sure you register and get in contact one of the world's largest social community!

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