Who Should be thinking about A QROPS Pension Transfer?

  • Who Must look into Transferring to QROPS

    Transferring a UK pension to the overseas QROPS ( Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme by itself is not very complicated, however it does involve a general change in the way you take into consideration your retirement.

    The QROPS industry has received some negative press within the last few year as a result of some firms only checking out short-term gains in lieu of long run retirement planning.

    QROPS are usually not about cash backs or early use of pension funds. They're a long-term financial planning technique of expatriates and international workers who definitely have acquired UK private or corporate pensions.

    When QROPS were launched in April 2006, the goal of QROPS was to let someone which has a UK pension who lives permanently overseas have easier admission to their pension fund on retirement.

    A QROPS is often a portable pension which could move around the world.

    Expats are not aware the main advantages of QROPS

    The difficulties started when some transfer uk pension did start to bend or exploit the guidelines, and started to visit about the intentions HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) had with QROPS in the event it was created.

    This abuse generated a fresh range of QROPS rules this year, which saw a handful of hundred schemes close, mainly in Guernsey and Nz.

    Subsequently, some QROPS jurisdictions including Cyprus and Slovakia have likewise lost their QROPS status.

    The challenge for UK pension holders is always that many are unaware than a QROPS would be the the most appropriate and also the best pension plan because of their personal circumstances.

    Also, the FCA has now noticed that many UK based IFAs are certainly not including QROPS in their pension advice they do not know how QROPS work and just how they will benefit clients.

    Aren't should look into a QROPS?

    The QROPS pensions are suitable for:

    Any former UK taxpayer that has a UK private pension. This can include international workers who worked in the UK and who paid in a UK private pension.

    Any UK pension holder who moves overseas to live on a long term basis

    Many holders of UK private or corporate pensions could benefit from a QROPS however UK IFA ceases to consider a QROPS pension as a retirement planning strategy.

    QROPS advice

    So, anyone entitled to a QROPS pension should search for independent and professional advice from your qualified and controlled IFA, familiar with QROPS transfers and retirement planning.

    The IFA really should have the feeling and expertise with regards to UK pension legislation, QROPS legislation and tax rules within the various QROPS jurisdictions, failing to take into account the tax agreements between British and overseas tax laws may result in an exceptionally costly mistake.