Signs Of Pregancy

  • Just because you’ve had your period, does not necessarily mean you aren’t pregnant. Here at Pregnancy Calculator Online we thought it would be a good idea to aware you of the tell-tale signs of pregnancy. That said, the only way you’ll ever know for sure is via a reliable pregnancy test, or visiting your doctor.

    Signs Of Pregnancy - Signs Of Pregnancy

    Some of the first sensations you will notice when pregnant is your breasts become sensitive. The areola may also become larger, and darken in colour. There are two forces at work that cause this to happen. When you are pregnant, your body secretes a hormone called progesterone. It also begins shifting water around the body. The result is that you can experience breast sensitivity, and potential bloating.

    Signs Of Pregnancy

    One of the primary signs of pregnancy can actually be gleamed from your energy levels. When you become pregnant you will tend to experience fatigue quicker, and more infrequently. This mostly occurs in the first trimester, during which you will probably find yourself napping more so than in the later trimesters. Fatigue can return in the late stages of pregnancy.

    The fact that you will have a lot of hormones swirling around your body, such as estrogen and progesterone, will cause you to be moody. This is not your fault, your body is doing what it needs to facilitate the growth and development of the foetus inside you. Moodiness and increased sensitivity to ‘annoying’ stimuli is part and parcel of pregnancy. Don’t fret, you’re allowed to be moody, you’re bringing a new life into the world.

    Signs Of Pregnancy

    You may also become light headed. This is a combined result of hormone secretion, fluctuating blood sugar, and potentially low blood pressure. Its recommended if you are experiencing light headedness or at the worst, having spells of fainting, that you go see a doctor right away. In all likelihood, you’re probably going to be fine, but why risk it?

    As we already covered in the Morning Sickness 101 post, nausea and vomiting can start very early in the peace. So called ‘morning’ sickness can begin at any point in your pregnancy, and doesn’t care what time of day it is. Refer to that post for details, but the best way to reduce morning sickness is to stay hydrated, eat light meals and light foods, and drink ginger tea.

    One of the more novel signs of pregnancy is your sense of smell will become more highly sensitive. A scent that you once found pleasing can become the bane of your existence. Don’t worry, it hasn’t ruined those fragrances you like forever, but you may want to steer clear of them for the duration of your pregnancy. It does get easier in the later stages.

    When you are pregnant, you will notice your urination becomes far more frequent. This is because for one you are going to have more urine to excrete. To put it bluntly, you will be urinating for two. Secondly, the expasion of your uterus will put pressure on your bladder, which will also stimulate urination.

    Signs Of Pregnancy

    You may also find that you are spotting earlier than usual. Which can be an indication of a fertilised egg attaching to the uterus. This may continue even when you are six or seven weeks pregnant. This can be accompanied by cramping around the abdominal area.

    The above are the main signs of pregnancy, but as we said, you can’t be entirely sure unless you get a proper test. Store bought tests are great, but your best option is a visit to the doctor. Be sure to check out the other posts on Morning Sickness, Nutrition During Pregnancy, and of course the Pregnancy Calculator page.