Stunning Sounds Originate From Unlikely Sources

  • Are you tired of listening to the same old sounds? The click of your computer keys, the hum of your car engine and the normal day to day sounds. If you're looking for something unique, have you ever considered a singing bowl? Singing bowls are similar to a bell, except it sits on a table or on the floor depending on the size, just like a bowl. Singing bowls have been around for centuries. Some singing bowls were made for ceremonial uses. Other singing bowls were used as Sound Therapy Instruments with such quality sound they were intentionally tuned for a specific reason. In order for a singing bowl to create sound, it is struck with a stick. The rim of the singing bowl then creates the harmonic sounds. Singing bowls were also designed to perform numerous functions, such as hauling water, rice or beans.

    Singing bowls are unique to the material they are created from. Brass would obviously make a different sound than a copper bowl. Singing bowls are considered to start and end meditation. They are also used for healing in some religions. The belief if your body becomes ill when there is not harmony within your body. Buddhism believes that proper balance in your body can be restored with soothing vibrations. A quality singing bowl from crystal bowls meditation could help put your body, mind and soul back into harmony. Vibrations from the bowl can get to a deeper part of your brain named the alpha and theta brain waves, which can have deep effects and calms your state of mind. When the brain waves and the bowl vibration synchronize, your inner body begins to calm and heal.

    Singing bowls are very mysterious in many ways. There is limited writing about the bowls themselves. Many of the bowls were created for meditation, healing and secret rituals. It is also believed that that a singing bowl should only be played in a clockwise direction. Why you ask? When your body is health and balanced, your chakras (which are considered your points of energy) open, and they rotate in a clockwise direction. Silver Sky Imports offers beautiful sound therapy instruments that can help soothe your body, mind and soul.

    Singing bowls can also work similar to massage. When your muscles are tightened from stress, poor diet or disease, your energy is blocked or trapped in those muscles. Singing bowls help open those channels and release that tension and toxins similar to massage. The sound vibrations can assist in your relaxation reflex and bring your mind and body back into alignment. For more information, check out Silver Sky Imports.